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The widget will get the time from the clock of your computer and display the time in hours, minutes and seconds. Below is how the widget will look like and check out the live demo on Weebly site. Go through the apps list above and add beautiful weather and clock widgets on your iPhone home screen. While you are at it, do let us know about your favorite widget in the comments section below. A clock widget to embellish your home screen will be the Pretty Binary Clock Widget.

SVG clock UI is another fancy circular dial clock. In this spherical clock, you get minutes and hours rings. At the center, you have a digital clock to easily see the time. Unlike other fancy spherical clocks in this list, this one has a clean design.

Download Motorola Circle Clock Widget Apk For Android

shalarm is a simple open source script built for one thing – GNU/Linux alarms. It comes with a config file, Makefile, and man page, and uses a pre-installed media player (e.g. mplayer) for notification sounds. QTalarm has a simple, themeable User Interface and any user will have no difficulty setting it up.

As well as showing the time in your selected destination, the World Clock will also tell you how many hours behind or ahead that location is from your current timezone. Or, on your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app, tap My Watch, then tap Edit in the My Faces area. Tap next to the watch faces you want to delete, then tap Remove.

Screenshots Of Round Clock (

Well, if it sounds interesting to you, Battery Widget & Usage Monitor is for you. Based on the sort of weather information you want to show on the home screen, you can ideally fine-tune the widget. For instance, you can show visibility, dew point, wind, pressure, and even rain chance. Hey Weather is a pretty lightweight yet very helpful home screen weather widget that you would like to use on your iPhone or iPad. Probably the best part of this widget is a range of customizations, which offer you the needed flexibility to fine-tune everything in line with your needs.

  • So, keep a tab on it to personalize your home screen widget.
  • If a clock widget is what you want, then that’s Digital Clock Widget what you will get here.
  • We can only provide this info as a guide to help suggest ways that have worked in the past with these sites.
  • The app had a few issues in the past, hence its low Google Play rating, but it’s definitely better than its 3.9 rating would suggest.
  • And among these customizations, arguably the best things are widgets.
  • You can customize most widgets so they display the information you want.
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