46 CFR §- Definitions inside subchapter B

46 CFR §- Definitions inside subchapter B

(a) In terms of area 16 on the subchapter just, if your definitions for the part (b) in the area vary from people established in § , the definition set forth within the § enforce.

(b) Given that utilized in this subchapter, the following terms and conditions incorporate only to supplier aquatic personnel credentialing and you may the new manning regarding ships subject to the newest manning arrangements from the navigation and delivery regulations of the United states:

Apprentice companion (steersman) away from towing vessels function an effective credentialed mariner within the knowledge to do link watchkeeping obligations on board a great towing boat, exactly who need to be beneath the direct oversight and in brand new persisted exposure off a king otherwise lover (pilot) out of towing ships.

Recognized degree setting degree that is authorized by the Coast-guard or fits the needs of § for the part.

Ceremonial license function a file that shows a great mariner’s existing national officer endorsement that’s right for framing, it is not legitimate for usage because the a seller Mariner Credential (MMC)

Articulated pull barge or ATB setting people tug-barge combination and therefore, by making use of a keen articulated or “hinged” relationship program amongst the pull and you will barge, lets separate course regarding the critical part of fore and aft mountain.

Ballast control user or BCO mode a police officer simply for services with the mobile offshore fucking gadgets (MODUs) whose requirements include this new operation of complex ballast system found toward many MODUs. Whenever assigned to a great MODU, a great ballast control driver is equivalent to a mate with the an effective old-fashioned boat.

Barge management or BS form an officer limited by solution toward MODUs whoever responsibilities include help towards the overseas installation movie director (OIM) within the marine-related things including, however simply for, keeping watertight ethics, examining and you may maintaining mooring and towing components, and keeping crisis or any other ent.

Edge range scratching the isolating area anywhere between internal and you will offshore waters into the reason for several U.S. rules and you will, that have conditions, fundamentally follows brand new development of the seaward, highwater shorelines. Discover 46 CFR region eight.

Luggage professional means a person holding an officer acceptance with the good dangerous-liquids tankship or a liquefied-gas tankship whoever primary obligations are maintaining the brand new cargo system and you will cargo-handling gadgets.

Chemical tanker form a tank ship that is certificated to carry otherwise carries chemicals in bulk while the products or products deposit. Towards the purposes of qualifying having an enthusiastic STCW approval to possess advanced agents tanker freight surgery, this includes container barges.

Chief professional setting the fresh new elderly professional responsible for the new physical propulsion additionally the operation and repair of your own physical and electrical construction of one’s boat.

Captain spouse means the newest platform officer next inside score to your master and you can on who new command of ship commonly slip if there is failure of the grasp.

(1) That the Coast-guard enjoys theoretically accepted in writing the question otherwise process under consideration matches the new relevant conditions;

A good barge management, when allotted to a good MODU, is equivalent to a mate towards a normal watercraft

(2) The Coast-guard possess granted a proper policy report checklist otherwise detailing the information presented or procedure since the meeting the new appropriate requirements; or

(3) One to an entity acting on account of Coast-guard not as much meaningful link as an effective Memorandum out-of Arrangement keeps concluded that the material otherwise techniques matches the newest relevant requirements.

Coast guard -acknowledged QSS team mode an entity which was passed by this new Coast-guard to just accept and you will monitor degree for brand new Coast guard .

Coastwise seagoing watercraft mode a motorboat which is authorized by the their Certification from Evaluation so you can just do it beyond the Boundary Line created in part 7 of the section.

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